Welcome To Bellevue!

Hello East-siders! We just relocated our family to Bellevue, and are excited to re-launch our business here, and are ready to offer an awesome deal to spark that launch and get the ball rolling! 

If you are unfamiliar with our studio, we are a husband and wife team and full service portrait and wedding photography studio. We are proud to produce incredible imagery and offer it in the most beautiful products available today.  

Our typical creative fee for our one hour photo session is $150, but to help re-launch our business here in Bellevue, we are ready to offer you a very special and limited time deal at 50% off, for just $75! This will cover the costs of creating, producing, and developing your photo session.

Once your session is complete, we will schedule your viewing and ordering session where you will have the opportunity to view and purchase artwork of your images.

We do not have a minimum purchase requirement, and beautiful mounted prints start at just $75! 

For more information on our product list and process check here - http://www.justinkraemerphotography.com/investment-1/ 


Ready to grab a session? Just follow the PayPal link below to put down your creative fee retainer! 

Grab Your's Here!